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Interview with Chalice oF doom

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1 Interview with Chalice oF doom le Jeu 1 Sep - 17:15



"Well first of all we thank you to accept our invitiation and join our metalcommunity or let us say familly"
Interview with fares from chalice of doom(doom metal band from jordan)

1#:could you tell us more about the history of the band and How did you get started in metal music?

"First of all, The band has been formed by in the middle of 2009 by Me and Azmo Lozmodial, And my journey of metal music started since 2005 when a friend of mine invited me to a metal party, since that day I consider Metal as "my life".

2#:What or who inluced you to name your band?

":We chose the name of the band after taking a long time of thinking about something can describe the music very well, and here is our music represents a tiny chalice of total doom and melancholy"

3#:what are some of the band's main musical influences that have led you to create your sound?

"The main musical influences are The old Anathema, My dying bride, the old Paradise Lost, Novembers Doom and saturnus, and we included a cover for Saturnus in our debut album as a tribute for this great band".

4#:what can you tell us about writing music and lyrics Is it a collective effort or is it more the efforts of one particular member of the band?

"All the lyrics are written by Azmo, and so the compositions, But th members add their own visions through the music, so the music will be a mixture which gathers many tastes together".

5#:What Is The Primary Ideology That Fuels Chalice of doom Music?what is your lyrics about?

"The main ideology of the music is to create a melancholic melodies, which can represent the gloomy state of mind, and the lyrics are generally talk about depression and the state of mind through a symbolic method".

6#:is there any specific sources that inspire you in your music?

"The general situation of the Middle Eastern life and the racial attitudes that we face everyday, and so the problems of life can effect our visions".

7#:besides the new upcomming album..did you released any other demos or EP/singles?

"Yea, we have released a demo called "October Bled" and we've released a demo track of the song "Endless Prison" that we've re-recorded it in the debut album "Immemorial Nightfall".

8#:Who produced the album?And album cover art?

"Done by Azmo Lozmodial, with a contribution from Ahmad Seffo".

9#:did you participated in a live show/concerts or tour?

"We've never participated in concert so far, Only jamming together with our closest friends, most of us are studying Engineering, so our time is so limited to keep jammin enough to be ready for concerts, but we hope we will be able in the near future".

10#:In the future you have any plans for live shows/concerts or tour?

"Thats a sure thing, We will be ready for concerts when we all finish our studyings have more free time to practice together through the athoroties here dont give us any permission to do a live show here in Jordan".

11#:What are the best and the worst things about being in a band?

"I wil start with the best thing, the best things are we can freely express all of our emotions through the music that we feel, and we can connect with new people and get together with people have the same musical tasteThe worst things are the the wrong point of view that the society takes about the metal music, especially here in the Middle East, the religious people here always mix the devilworshipping with the heavy metal, and these things effect our life a lot".

12#:what does metal music represents to you?

"Metal Music Is my lifestyle, my philosophy, My taste and my expressions, And finally my energy and my escape".

13#:well any final words or comments you would like to say?

"I would like to thank you for this interview and for supporting Chalice Of Doom, And I wanna thank all the people who supported the band since the beginning"

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